To me as an UX-Designer I don't connect design only to the visual appearence of a solution but multiple more aspects. An good interaction design, a perfect information architecture and a thought through concept are equaly important. The most important part is that the user has a positive experience when he/she uses your website.


An important aspect ov visual design are fotographs. Just very few websites work without proper grafics. That's why I decided to educate myself in that area, too, so I can help you create awesome solutions for your customers.


Since many years I'm working in the software development industry. It doesn't matter if it is about databases which work in the background or the visual part of a website. I'm always looking forward to implement the concepts that were created.


A passion of mine is to pass my knowledge on. That's why i decided to give lessons at a school beside university and my other tasks. Today I'm still working as a lecturer and give speeches in front of students that deal with the topic of motivation.

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