"Always fine"

A characterattribute, that is very important to me, is to look forward to life and see everything positive. This can only be accomplished by having the right attitude. That's why I answer the question “How are you?” with “Always fine! How about you?”. My day starts at 3:45 am, so I have the most important tasks done before 6 am. Then I will do my morning workout and prepare myself for the day.


Once I had finished my school education, I decided to study user-xperience-design, as it is the perfect interface between computer science and design. The psychological aspects that would be focused during my studies were important to me, too.


Already during my school time I decided to start working as a freelancer as i really enjoyed (and still do) the work as an app-/webdesigner and developer.

Prio 1

At this point I want to stress that you and your users/clients of the website or app are my first priority. Your satisfaction are really important to me, as my solutions will only work if I keep that in mind permanently. Who wants to use a website that is unuseable or delivers absolutly no relevant content?

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